To Supplement Or Not To Supplement?

To Supplement Or Not To Supplement?

If you are already familiar with me and my brand, you know that I support dutiful supplementation as an integral part of staying healthy.

I know, however, that there are plenty of you who shun any and all supplementation until sickness rears its ugly head – then you are all too eager to gobble pills. The point I want to make here is that supplements can act as armor to your health, preventing you from catastrophe in the first place. I’m also going to explore the context in which you take vitamins and supplements, in order to clarify exactly why you need to go the extra step in terms of protecting your your health.

If you lived in an ideal habitat with ideal conditions among ideal people, I would say you do not need supplements. By “ideal” I mean something like as follows:

Picture yourself living in the Himalayan mountains. Fresh air, fresh food, organic meat, and other nutritionally-complete foods are all made available to you. Stress never comes. The village is bubbling with socialization and exercise as a part of your natural routine. The sun is yours for however many hours a day you happen to want it.

Does that sound like you or your life? I bet that is not you. That’s not any of your friends, colleagues, or significant others, and that’s not me either.

The reality is, many people wake up in stuffy rooms with poor air quality and plenty of dust. The meat that you consume could have been fresh… weeks ago, when it was shipped from who knows what part of the country. The animals whose meat you’re eating were probably raised commercially in tight and often unsanitary environments. And most of the food you eat has likely been processed beyond recognition, losing its nutrients as a result. Once these products have been processed beyond the point of deserving to be called “food,” artificially synthesized vitamins are added in to make the product “fortified.” But guess what? Those aren’t the same vitamins! And neither do they have the same effect in your body, by far!

On top of all this, stress is omnipresent in the modern world. A jungle cat would either kill you or leave you in prehistoric times. Now your boss might just kill you every day of the week and still not leave you alone. 🙂 The exercise that you do get is likely spotty and in confined chambers, often rife with improper bacterial distributions stemming from all the people who are sharing the same inside space.

Shall I keep going?

This is your world. But it is not the world your ancestors knew, nor is it the world your body craves.

However, there are things you can do. Just as modern society has created a host of difficulties for your body, science has made it possible for you to understand and take control of your health like never before. Originally, medicine came from nature, and today we have a significantly greater understanding as to which parts of nature are the most beneficial to us. I am now referring to what are called supplements, vitamins, extracted nutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and so forth. These are the fundamental compounds that end up dictating the health that you do or don’t have. These are the fundamental compounds whose use I have devoted my life to understanding and perfecting.

You must supplement because you are an ancient citizen of the world living in what is now a rapidly changing and often oh-so-unhealthy modern environment. The natural inputs that humans once received in the wild are no longer there. And yet, the amount of toxins in the air, food and water have
never been higher. The present health risks can be taken care of, but not haphazardly. The very fact that the natural health elements in supplements work for your health means that they can work in the opposite direction, as well. Meaning, they can also harm you if you don’t know what you’re doing. It takes the guidance of a trained hand, a trained mind, and a disciplined approach. It takes comprehensive knowledge to bring you back to your natural state. Don’t do it alone. Do it with Dr. Inna. Because when you replace “i” with “we,” “illness” becomes “wellness.”

So very truly yours,
Dr. Inna


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