This advisory package is requested by my clients who want the highest level of attention from me. Whether they’re trying to turn their life around or are going through a very sick patch in their lives, they need help in navigating the US healthcare system, they want direction, and they want answers.

These are my clients to whom I extend the highest level of attention in order to reach their goals. During their advisory month with me, they get more of my personal time and effort than clients in any other category. Not only do they get more of my consulting time during the month of their health advisory with me, but they also are able to reach me by email and by phone, to discuss changes or reactions they’re having in response to the alterations we are making.

If you’re serious about your health, and if you are ready to embark on such a quest for your health, I will take your hand and we will find your wellness together. Remember, when “i” is replaced by “we” – “illness” becomes “wellness.”