Semi-Intensive Advisory Package


Monthly Semi-Intensive Advisory Package: $4,000 per month: monthly package includes TEN (10) 1hr-sessions PLUS a visit to a doctor or hospital PLUS up to 5 email per week; additional visits to doctors are $275 and only provided to this group of monthly-based clients

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Some people require more attention. Perhaps you have many health problems. Or maybe you simply have many health questions. Or maybe you’re trying to turn your health and your life around in order to gain more of your most precious possession – your health. In these cases, you might want to have better access to me and my time.

These are my high-touch clients. Meaning, they and I have a much more involved client-advisor relationship in order to reach their health goals. Not only do they get more of my consulting time during the month of their health advisory with me, but they’re also able to reach me by email and by phone to discuss changes or reactions they’re having in response to the changes we are making.

If you’re serious about your health, and if you are ready to embark on such a quest for your health, I will take your hand and we will find your wellness together. Remember, when “i” is replaced by “we” – “illness” becomes “wellness.”