Why You Need a Personal Health Advisor

Why You Need a Personal Health Advisor

The US healthcare system is a complicated web of incentives and requirements based on political agendas and profit motives. Care is focused on helping you once you’re already sick. Relatively few doctors have the time or, quite frankly, the adequate training to instruct you on how to live so you don’t actually get sick in the first place. Nor will they be compensated by most insurers for doing so. Lacking the access to or candor needed from their physician, patients commonly turn to the Internet for health answers.

More medical information is accessible to the public than ever before. Virtually every facet of health can be researched on any one of a seemingly unlimited number of medical websites. Unfortunately, the information contained on these portals is often wrong or misleading. And this wealth of information, whether correct or not, can overwhelm and even scare patients who lack the requisite background to separate fact from fiction and sales pitch from learned opinion. Frequently, this complicates, rather than enhances, the treatment process. If this sounds familiar, you need a Personal Health Advisor.

The healthcare system in our country can be described as “for-profit.” Slick pharmaceutical reps pull up to doctor’s offices, touting the next best medicine that absolutely must be prescribed – if doctors hope to see the fat check on their end. Expensive screening technology is everywhere, with many tests yielding some kind of kickback or distorted incentive for the physician who is recommending it. Referral schemes make sure everyone is in on the party and yet somehow no one is accountable.

When patients equal profit, they aren’t given the kind of guidance that may be best for them in the long run. Rather, they are subjected to a process that generates revenue in the short run. The doctors, mostly good people, aren’t given the opportunity to act in your best interest because of strong-armed administrators and profit-driven insurers.

Compounding the foregoing problems is the fact that preventive care is not practiced in earnest in the US. Yes, the US leads the world in mission-critical medicine and in emergent situations in which the person would have become deceased after an accident otherwise. Yet, our population is plagued with chronic health problems that are simply not as much of an issue in other developed countries. Given the fact that most conditions are significantly easier to prevent that to treat, the need for such care is obvious.

Most of us take prevention into our own hands, but this model is outdated and only marginally effective. The time has come for you to have what you need – your own Personal Health Advisor (PHA).

Personal Health Advisory brings a holistic approach to your health. It is not intended to serve the needs cared for by a physician or other medical professionals. Rather, your PHA takes the large body of disconnected aspects that surround your health and helps you make decisions that are best for you. It is true preventive medicine, stressing a relationship with the individual before they become sick. When sickness does occur, your PHA can help you navigate the intricate maze that is the US healthcare system deftly, making you aware of your rights and your choices – which are always multiple – at every turn.

Every health action has a reaction. But, you’re not in the doctor’s office any more, and frankly you’re not sick enough to go back. Yet, you can’t shake the feeling that there’s more that you could act upon in terms of your health. If you want to seize your health and control it, if you want to have more energy, sex drive, and motivation, then you need someone who is watching, taking everything in, and making sure health actions being taken are working. In other words, in this day and age, you need your own Personal Health Advisor.

So very truly yours,
Dr. Inna


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