Navigating through US Healthcare is not for the faint of heart. It is intimidating. It is overwhelming, and with the abundance of health-related information on the Internet, you don’t know which source is right and which one is wrong. You go to your doctors, and they do their best. But they are sandwiched between their own pressures of modern US Healthcare – insurance companies, time constraints, overhead costs, payment methods, and so forth. You can’t blame them when they can’t get to every health-affecting factor in your life.

The US Healthcare system is so complex that even when all players are doing their absolute best, mistakes happen. And lives are lost. The harsh reality is that preventable medical errors continue to be the Number 3 killer in the US, third only to heart disease and cancer. Even according to conservative data, more than 1,000 people die each day from preventable medical errors and another 10,000 suffer serious complications daily due to medical mistakes.

As your qualified personal health advisor, I am your watchdog. I’m your extra health insurance. Your additional set of professional eyes and ears. And I am well equipped for this role due to my formal medical education, accumulated knowledge of alternative healing methods, diverse cultural sensitivity, and experience in various sectors of US Healthcare. Having overcome my own personal struggles with illnesses, I have a passion for health, for people’s survival, and for optimizing their well-being.

Let’s be clear, I’m not a replacement for your doctors, and I’m not here to go against what your doctors recommend, unless I see a red flag and possible harm. What I do is partner and collaborate with your healthcare providers, while having your best interests front and center.

You’ve been led to believe that during your life sickness is something you must expect and then learn to live with. But it is NOT. I believe that in many instances you can prevent, ameliorate, and even reverse your current health conditions.

I’m on a mission to listen to and advocate for you, on a mission to empower you to challenge the status quo while finding the safest and most effective path to wellness, regardless of what you’ve been told.

As a doctor, I know there is no one single “right” protocol for every person, no such thing as one-size-fits-all. And as a former ballroom dancer, I know that the most skilled performers do more than just take the right steps; they find the rhythm within them. Rather than put you through someone else’s paces, I will help you find your own rhythm, strike a balance of treatments and care, and choreograph your path to better health.

I’m on a mission to buck the old rules, challenge the predictable (and often inaccurate) advice, and empower you with the tools, knowledge, insight, and advocacy to take your health into your own hands.

Medical Advisory
Health Advocacy

Navigating the medical system is not for the faint of heart. But you don’t ..

Supplements and Products Advisory
Supplements & Products Advisory

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Lifestyle Advisory
Lifestyle Advisory

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Get Assessed
Get Assessed

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Intensive Advisory Package

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