Asking for Trouble: 8 Questions You Should Ask (But Aren’t)

When it comes to your health, you’ve got questions. But are you asking the right ones? In her book, Asking for Trouble: 8 Questions You Should Ask (But Aren’t), physician, health advisor, and patient advocate Dr. Inna V. Desch challenges some of the most widely accepted (and wrongheaded) notions about how to get and stay healthy.

She explains why the path to better health does not include a low-fat choice or vegetarian diet or SPF 80, plus what you should be asking your doctor when it comes time for a colonoscopy, breast, or prostate exam.  From healthier food to better sex (oh yes, the very first chapter is on sex!), her often-surprising advice is a blend of compassion, knowledge, experience, and irreverence for the profit-over-patient paradigm.  And so she guides you through some of the trickier health topics with her steady, authoritative hand.

This is her first book and it is in an electronic format — it’s an e-book.  This short and fun-to-read book is bound to teach you something new and Dr. Inna made sure to avoid any deep scientific language so that everyone can understand it with ease.  Her sincere hope is that the book will give you the confidence to take control of your own health and health care.  The last thing she wants is to see one of you falling through the healthcare cracks and becoming another statistic.

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