I have consulted with Dr. Inna for the past four years as an additional point of view as to the advice of my other doctors.  She has recommended alternative strategies that have proven effective in my case.  She has also greatly impressed me and my other doctors with her diagnostic capabilities which has been very helpful in my overall health care plan.  I view her as a strong addition to and coordinator of my health care team.

Robert Toan
Robert ToanCEO, New York, USA 

I have known Dr. Inna for over five years. Based on that experience, I have the highest regard for her personal integrity and rigorous intellect. Her highly informed passion for a holistic approach to medical matters – and her broad and deep clinical knowledge – make her an excellent health advisor in the increasingly complex and challenging maze of modern medical practices and patient choices. Norman J. Resnicow,

Norman J Resnicow
Norman J. ResnicowAttorney, New York, USA

I have known Dr. Inna as a warm personal friend for years.  Dr. Inna is a thoughtful, passionate, and knowledgeable professional committed to the medical calling and healing arts.  I turn to her for health advice.  I unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Inna to anyone with health issues or questions.

Reuben Goldwaser
Reuben GoldwaserAss. Attorney General of the State of NY, ret.

I’m a medical doctor myself, but when it comes to my family, I always want to get Dr. Inna’s opinion.  She can often think of factors I haven’t thought about.  And when my son’s MRI showed white matter lesions, I called Dr. Inna immediately for her opinion.  She has been a tremendous help reminding me what conditions can cause such lesions, what to do next, and what therapeutic options to consider.  I’m hooked on Dr. Inna’s views because she sees angles that others don’t.

Marina Kovaleva
Marina KovalevaMedical Doctor, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Watching and listening to Dr. Inna, it’s as if I have a new best friend in my bathroom with me, tossing the crap from my cabinets while toasting to good health with Kombucha and Red Wine.  Dr. Inna has a valuable service to offer.  I love her approach to heath and wellness, and she’s an amazing constellation of a person, too.

Becky Karush
Becky KarushMother, New Hampshire, USA

From what to feed my granddaughter to how to dodge the seasonal flu to which dietary supplements to choose to how to handle my menopausal symptoms to which oils to cook with to what to drink on holidays to anything else health related – Dr. Inna is always ready to give an advice.  I love hearing what she has to say.

Nancy Snyder
Nancy SnyderTeacher, New Jersey, USA  

I’m growing older and I had various health discomforts that most doctors just dismissed as part of aging.  Dr. Inna put me on a bunch of supplements and vitamins and now I no longer have those problems.  I don’t mind taking natural supplements, but I wanted to avoid taking dangerous prescription drugs, and now I don’t have to take any prescription drugs.  I feel great!

Vladimir Balashov
Vladimir BalashovRetiree, Pennsylvania, USA

I had an annoying problem of vaginal dryness and was embarrassed to talk to someone about it. Dr. Inna is very comfortable to talk to you about your sexual issues, and you can ask her anything. She addressed my difficulties and solved my problem.  After that, I have begun asking Dr. Inna for advice on other health matters and I’m happy I have. She really helps.

Lisette Griffin
Lisette GriffinAccountant, Florida, USA