corn syrup

Corn Syrup – Lethal Dose of Fructose

In my last article, I discussed that sweet hijacker of health and vitality, the artificial sweetener.  I now turn to its partner in crime, high fructose (HF) corn syrup.  This bad actor lurks in soda and other drinks, as well as the majority of snacks and processed foods in the US. In terms of its chemical composition, HF corn syrup is not as nefarious as artificial sweetener.  In fact, it’s not all that different than table sugar.  The problem with corn syrup is that it contains a much higher percentage of fructose than table sugar.  

Diet Soda

Diet Soda? Just Say “No”.

It’s a warm evening in NYC.  My son and I have just arrived at a restaurant.  A good meal awaits because … well … I’m a foodie and won’t waste a meal on the mundane.  The first thing we do is order something to drink, of course.  I almost cringe thinking: DON’T DO IT, DON’T DO IT …  But he did it. AGAIN. He ordered Diet Coke®.


Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight

Ahhhh, February.  Valentine’s Day, lovers, and love.  One of my favorite topics and undoubtedly one of the most powerful feelings we can experience.  It can be so overwhelming and powerful that it resembles a drug ─ an addictive one at that.  I know this drug called Love.  I’ve been on it.  Not right now, but I know it will happen again.  And I can’t wait!  

Nature As The Best Medicine

Nature As The Best Medicine

I live in New York City and I love its many great restaurants, art galleries, the invigorating multi-culturalism of daily life, its world-class dance and theater, and the many talented and interesting people whom this city attracts.  Perhaps, you love a big city too.  But life in “The Big City” comes at a price, and…