Dr. Inna is a Medical Doctor from Eastern Europe. Her two main passions in life are health and people. She has spent the last 25 years researching and working in various arenas of health and medicine, both in Eastern Europe and the United States. She now lives in New York City and runs her own health advisory business, serving as a Personal Health Advisor to private clientele who come from all walks of life for her advice to find their health.

Originally from Central Asia, Dr. Inna was born in Tashkent, where she spent first 11 years of her life before moving to Eastern Europe with her family. There she later pursued and completed her formal medical education.

Dr. Inna graduated from Belarusian Medical University in Minsk, Belarus, a leader in higher medical education in Eastern Europe, with a highly respected body of researchers and professors, as well as various international alliances on academic and scientific cooperation with other countries. This university caught Dr. Inna’s attention because its strong faculty of Preventive Medicine allowed interested physicians to specialize in practical preventive medicine services, a field of medicine in which she has had an enhanced interest.

She graduated with the qualification of a Medical Doctor and was the only physician in her class of 450 to be offered a highly competitive dissertation path position. Upon graduating, she served as a teacher in the department of Human Physiology while simultaneously practicing in a clinic.

With her continued interest in all aspects of health delivery, Dr. Inna went on to learn the dynamics of health care in the United States. She graduated with a Master’s degree from New York University (NYU). The NYU program in Health Policy and Management is recognized as one of the best in the country. Dr. Inna was attracted to this program because it crossed conventional boundaries, linking numerous components of healthcare in the US with the broad social, economic, and cultural fundamentals that influence health outcomes.

The United Stated has been Dr. Inna’s home for over a decade now, where she passionately embraces all that USA stands for. Dr. Inna spent over 10 years working in various sectors of the US healthcare, mostly in the capacity of clinical quality supervision and clinical quality control, ans she always continued her research on numerous health topics.

The combination of Dr. Inna’s formal medical education, diverse cultural sensitivity, and her passion for health and for people has resulted in her becoming a valuable source of health advice and guidance for her clients.

Dr. Inna loves what she does, and considers it a great honor when you allow her to participate in your journey to optimal health.

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